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No matter the age of your shower, remodeling it can make your bathroom feel new, fresh and inviting. A Handy Man LLC is your trusted Littleton shower remodel expert. We specialize in partial and full bathroom and shower remodels; including the installation and removal of bathtubs, installation of adaptive showers and more. The Littleton shower remodel market is a competitive place and overflowing with remodeling contractors. However, to get the quality you are looking for at a price you can afford can be a challenge.  That’s why you need to do your research before choosing the right shower remodel contractor for your remodeling job. This article will help you understand what goes into a shower remodel, what you should consider before starting the job and how to choose the best company for your job.
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Why Consider Shower Remodeling

When it comes to the remodeling of homes, bathroom remodeling (particularly, shower remodeling) is among the most popular forms of remodeling done by homeowners. You might be wondering why people get shower remodeling done. Here are some reasons why:
  • Showers, being wet areas, see some of the toughest conditions and are likely to experience more wear and tear than the rest of the elements in a bathroom. Often, it is the shower alone that seems to need the remodeling done to complement the otherwise well-maintained bathroom.
  • You might actually want to upgrade the whole bathroom but the cost might be beyond your budget. A shower remodel is one of the more economical methods of giving your bathroom a guaranteed facelift while keeping you within your budget limits.
  • Sometimes, you can be in a race against time to make your bathroom more presentable. You might be having guests over soon or urgently need to put your property on the market. While getting the whole bathroom renovated might be out of the question, a shower remodel is still possible as it requires much less time when done by the right professionals.
  • If you have a disabled or elderly person living with you, shower remodeling may be more of a necessity as it is one of the most hazardous areas in the house for people with limited abilities. Your shower remodeling in such a case will be aimed at becoming more accessible and safe for one and all.  We specialize in adaptive shower remodels designed to assist the elderly and disabled, but yet maintain the beauty and comfort of your original bathroom.
  • Those homeowners looking to sell their property and wishing to remodel to get the highest returns will find that a minor bathroom upgrade such as a shower remodel can actually deliver exactly the results they are looking for.

The Cost Of Remodeling Your Shower

The biggest question about any remodeling project is the cost involved. It might be a simple question but the answer is rather complex. How much your shower remodeling will cost will depend on a number of factors:
  • Materials: What new materials you want to use for your shower remodeling will obviously affect your cost for the job. The fixtures you choose, the paint you select, the materials you choose for your shower surrounds, your shower, or your enclosure are all going to affect your cost.
  • Degree of Remodeling: Even in shower remodeling, the extent of remodeling can vary. You might choose to remodel shower enclosures only, or your shower surrounds, or perhaps you are converting your tub to a shower. Finally, you might be doing a full replacement. Depending on what scale of remodeling you are doing, you can expect your costs to vary accordingly. For example, if you are planning to get a shower surround remodel done, then it is estimated to cost you around $25 and above per square foot or approximately $1,750 and more for a 70-foot structure.
  • Plumbing and Labor Involved: You will need plumbing services and labor for installation. Your plumbing and labor costs will depend on how much work you need done by the professionals and the rates being charged by those you hire.

What Make Us The Best Littleton Shower Remodel Contractor

When it comes to the Littleton shower remodel market, you will not find a better choice than us for your shower remodeling. There are several reasons why:

  • Experienced, Professional Services: In the business of installation, maintenance, and repairs for nearly a decade, there is little we can’t do. Our experience has taught us how to do our job efficiently and effectively. So, regardless of how challenging your shower remodeling seems to you, we have you covered.
  • Cost-Effective: With remodeling projects always costing more than anticipated in the end, save where you can: We offer our professional services at some of the most competitive rates in the market. So, that extra bling you want for your shower? It might be affordable for you after all. And with us, the bling will shine through in your bathroom and last you a long time.
  • Personal, Customized Service: Our mission is to work for friends- not clients or customers. This means we take our time to connect with you, understand your needs, requirements, and limitations and then offer you a service customized to you. You can count on us, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
  • Local Experience Galore: We have been working in the Littleton market for nearly a decade and have a rich understanding of the local market trends, conditions, prices, etc.  This makes us ideally placed to offer you the best practices in the market, at the best rates, and the most informed advice on your project if needed.
  • Positive Customer Reviews: You don’t have to take our word for the quality of service and customer satisfaction we promise to deliver. Just look at the numerous positive customer reviews online and you will know we follow up our words with our actions.

As you can see, there are several factors that make us the best choice for your next shower remodeling job. So, if you are in the Littleton shower remodel market, looking for the best in the business, then contact us at A Handy Man LLC.