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According to a Center for Disease Control  article, around 61 million people in the country (26% of the population) had a disability as of 2010. And almost half of them are reported to have a severe disability.

The same report mentions that about 30 million of those people reported having trouble walking and needed walking aids such as a wheelchair, crutches, walker, and the like. And, almost 20 million people reported having trouble with lifting and grasping.

These figures clearly indicate the fact that more and more homes are necessarily in need of modifications to become more accessible to people with disabilities.

A Handy Man LLC can help with these modifications. We have experience in all types of handicap modifications and home remodeling. Read more to learn how we can help modify your home.

littleton handicap modifications

What Type Of Modifications Might Be Needed To Make Your Home Accessible

You might be wondering what types of modifications are needed around the house to make it more accessible for people with a disability. Here, we list some of the most common types of home modifications associated with making homes more accessible:

  • Outdoor Modifications: If the entrance to your property involves stairs at the front yard or at the house, you need to consider putting in a ramp to make it accessible for those in a wheelchair or walker. Additionally, if there is a path leading through your front yard, you need to make sure the surface is compatible with wheelchairs, while still retaining good traction, to make walking more easy for those with little balance easy. Finally, keep the way to the house well-lit to make navigation safe.
  • Front Door/Entrance Modification: Again, the front door or entrance might need to be widened so it can accommodate people with walking aids.
  • Bathroom Modifications: Consider replacing typical tubs and showers with walk-in showers, which make entry and exit more stable. Grab bars can be a particularly helpful addition in the shower and toilet area to help with balance and movement. Finally, make sure to use anti-slip tiles in the wet areas to prevent slipping accidents.
  • Kitchen Modifications: Those in wheelchairs might need the cabinetry height modified for easy access. Similarly, for those with limited mobility, it is important to arrange things in a manner that limits the amount of movement needed to get the job done.
  • Bedroom Modifications: Adjust the height of the bedroom furniture according to what is best for the person with the disability. Lower the closet rods if that is easier. Additionally, switching out the knobs that need turning with lever handles, as people with gripping and turning difficulties can struggle with round knobs.
  • Floor Modification: Carpets and rugs can be difficult to deal with on a wheelchair or walker. It is better to choose laminate, vinyl, or other smooth flooring, but make sure that it is not slippery.

Why Choose Us For Your Littleton Handicap Modifications

If you are anywhere in or around the area of Littleton and need modifications done to your home to make it more accessible to a person with a disability, then our business should be on the top of your list of candidates under consideration. Here’s why:
  • Experience: We have been in the business of providing quality modifications to homes in the area for almost a decade. We are well aware of the best products in the market and the best installation processes. Our extensive experience means there is no project too complex for us and there is no problem we can’t solve.
  • Quality, Customized Service: We approach our job with responsibility and passion. And because we love what we do, we take every job seriously and put in 100% on every project. With us, you can rest assured that you will get quality, customized service, catered to your needs and requirements. We live in the Littleton area and do our work like we are working for family or friends, not clients or customers.
  • Positive Customer Reviews: If you truly want to know if we are good at what we do, just look up our online customer reviews.  Positive reviews about the quality of our service are a testament to the fact that we deliver what we promise and we know what we are doing.
  • Competitive Rates: Having operated in the Littleton area, we know the market well and have all the knowledge and connections that allow us to offer our services at some of the most competitive rates in the Littleton market.
  So if you or your loved one need a home handicap modification to make it more accessible, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We understand the various modifications a house may need and know exactly how to deliver fantastic results. Our greatest attritibute is that we are a local business, so you know where to find us if there is anything else you need. Give us a call today and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions and make your Littleton handicap modifications the best they can be.