Littleton Aging in Place Home Modifications

A Handy Man LLC can provide all of your Littleton aging in place modifications. From grab bars to ramps to an accessible shower, we are here to help.

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Littleton Aging in Place Home Modifications

Current times have seen considerable growth in the popularity of aging in place.  This is where an individual continues to live where they are for as long as possible, and assistance required is provided on-location. Aging in place has become the go-to option for so many seniors today because it is a much more economical arrangement compared with residential care, it allows the person to live in the familiar environment of their own home, and it facilitates connection with family and the community at large. The biggest challenge for those choosing to age in place is doing so in homes that are not compatible to individuals with limited mobility. This lack of accessibility can make aging in place a real challenge, posing a threat to the health and safety of the seniors trying to stay in their familiar environment. This is where A Handy Man LLC can help.  We can install a full range of accessibility tools including ramps, grab bars, accessible showers and more.
littleton aging in place home modifications

The Benefits of an Accessible Home

Accessible housing is the construction or modification of a home to facilitate independent living of aging individuals with limited mobility. An accessible home allows individuals to remain in their home longer and provides these benefits:
  • Improved quality of on-premise living: Those with a disability or limited mobility in your home will experience significantly improved quality of on-premise living as they will find themselves able to function independently to a greater extent than before.
  • An increased life span of housing: Even if you do not currently have to deal with disability or limited mobility, making your house accessible increases its life span considerably since you equip it to adapt to the changing conditions of your life cycle.
  • Reduced health hazards: By having an accessible home, you reduce the risk of those with limited mobility of having dangerous accidents around the house.
  • Reduced burden on caregiver: Be it a professional care giver or a loved one looking after the aging individual, an accessible home is a gift to them because they don’t have the burden of doing all those extra tasks that the person can now do on their own.
  • Improved mental health: Helping your loved one with a disability lead as independent a life as possible in the home can play a key role in improving their mental health.

Littleton Accessibility In-Home Modifications That Facilitate Aging In Place

Once you recognize the value of an accessible home, you need to go about deciding the modifications you need to facilitate aging in place on your property. These Littleton aging in place home modifications are some of the most important ones to consider if you want your house compatible with aging in place:

  • Ramp Installation: Seniors are often unstable on their feet and many require a wheelchair at one point of time or another. Therefore, it is key to install ramps in certain areas. Stairs leading up to your property can be a challenge, so ramp installation there is a must. Similarly, it is best to have indoor ramps where you are transitioning from one surface to another to make movement smooth and easy for the elderly.
  • Widening of Corridors and Doorways: Seniors often need wheelchairs, crutches, and other walking aides. To ensure easy use of all such equipment within the home, it is best to have doorways and corridors in the house widened. It will allow the elderly to use their equipment with ease and convenience.
  • Bathroom Modifications: Limited mobility makes traditional bathtubs a health hazard. It is best to replace it with a walk-in shower, which offers much easier entry and exit. You might also want an anti-slip feature for the shower area flooring to prevent slipping accidents.
  • Kitchen Modifications: With age, traditional countertop and cabinet heights might become challenging, particularly if the individual is in a wheelchair. Accordingly, you might need to adjust the countertop and cabinetry heights to make things accessible to your aging loved one.
  • Flooring Modifications: You want to make sure that flooring is conducive to the easy maneuvering of wheelchairs while also not being slippery, which can pose a serious threat of causing accidents.

Hiring The Right Contractor For The Job

Getting your Littleton aging in place home modifications done by the right contractor can make a huge difference on how well-equipped your home is to facilitate aging in place. It is therefore of the essence that you do thorough research when hiring a contractor for the job. Here are some things to look at:

  • Hire A Contractor With Relevant Experience: When researching candidates, investigate home improvement contractors with significant experience in accessible home modifications. Contractors that have done this a lot will be familiar with the possible challenges of the job and how to best deal with them.
  • Look At Their Customer Feedback and Reviews: To be sure of the quality of work the contractors do, the best thing to do is look at what their customers have to say about them.
  • Get Bids From Shortlisted Candidates: Getting a quote from a few contractors will give you an idea of what type of cost to expect. It will help you identify those who are exorbitantly expensive and it will also help you find a contractor offering you the required services within the budget you have.
  • Sign A Formal Contract: Make sure that everything agreed between the two of you is explicitly stated in a formal contract, which is signed. This can act as a guarantee for ensuring you get the desired service.

Why Choose Us

At A Handy Man LLC, we take all our jobs seriously regardless of their scale or complexity. We have been in the business of home modifications for many years and have all the experience needed to deliver quality, custom results.

Whether it is a shower remodel, a kitchen renovation, or any other modification, we offer customized professional Littleton accessibility services at some of the most economic rates in the market. So, if you or your loved one need to have an accessible home and require modifications, call us today and let us get you started on this journey right now.