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Turning your house into a home is a process…one which involves filling it up with items that are an extension of who you are. The walls in the house can make or break your decor, be it the color you choose for them or how you choose to style them. One of the most powerful means of expression is pictures. Whether you hang personal pictures on the wall, pieces of abstract art, or natural landscape scenery, it is an eloquent and impactful means of adding character to the walls of your home and is instrumental in making your home an expression of who you are. However, to create the desired effect with your wall hangings, you need to not just choose the right pieces…you need to hang them just right.
littleton picture hanging service

Why You Might Need Help Hanging Pictures

While hanging pictures might typically sound like a straightforward task, there are circumstances in which hiring a highly reviewed professional to do the job is the logical option. Some cases where a professional will prove to be invaluable are:

  • If you need to hang heavy a piece: Heavy, large, and awkwardly-shaped pieces of artwork can prove to be quite challenging to get on the wall safely and cleanly. A professional will prove to be helpful because he will come with the specialized tools needed for the job and he will be equipped with the technical know-how and experience of hanging awkward, large pieces safely, cleanly, and efficiently.
  • When safety is of the essence: While hanging pictures safely is always important, it becomes of the essence in homes with little kids or pets and in areas of high foot traffic because a picture accident won’t just lead to damaged property but also poses a true health hazard. With a professional hanging your pictures, you can rest assured that the highest safety standards are adhered to in installing the piece on the wall.
  • If you have an expensive collection: If the pictures you have to hang around the house are expensive pieces, then hiring a professional considerably reduces the chances of these valuable artifacts getting damaged during installation.
  • If you are looking for better design options: Hanging pictures will only create the right effect if they are positioned just right. A professional has been to many homes, done multiple wall arrangements, and therefore has a wealth of knowledge about the various arrangements that can bring the most out of the pictures.

As is clear, there are cases when picture hanging becomes less of a simple task and more a domain of the professional. Hiring one in those times will ensure you get the most value out of the pictures you hang in the house.

Tips On Hanging Pictures

Even when dealing with simple picture hangings, it is important to remember that, while there is no specific trick to hanging pictures right, a certain amount of skill is required to hang even the smallest pieces if you want the job done cleanly, safely, and efficiently. So, even if you decide to hang a picture or a collection by yourself, it is important for you to equip yourself with the right knowledge and equipment. When hanging a picture yourself, here are some tips to remember:
  • Measure the space you plan to hang your picture in. Ensure you know how much space you have and if the picture is the right fit in the given space or not.
  • Choose your tools: Based on the weight and size of your picture, you will need to settle on what materials to use to hang your item. Would you work with adhesive hooks, nails, or screw-in anchors? Know which option would go best with your picture’s size and decide accordingly.
  • Choose the height at which to hang the picture: The golden rule to hanging a picture is to hang it so that the center of it is 57 inches above the ground as this is considered the standard eye height of the average person. However, allowances need to be made when hanging a picture above furniture against the wall. In such cases, it is best to hang the picture 6-8 inches above the furniture. And if you are hanging a picture in a place with high ceilings, then it is only right to move the picture higher than the 57 inches so that there isn’t too much empty space on the top half of the wall.

Why Choose Us as Your Littleton Picture Hanging Service?

Now, if you do have a challenging or extensive picture hanging project at hand and need professional help, then we are the people to call. Here’s why:
  • We have a rich and diverse experience, which makes us more than capable of not just hanging pictures, but of installing mirrors and shelves. What’s more, we have perfected the art of hanging pictures with the one-hole approach and are equally aware of all other best practices in the market to ensure the best picture hanging service for you, regardless of the challenges involved.
  • We have the specialized tools to get the most complicated jobs done safely, effectively, and in little time.
  • We offer a hassle-free, professional service, which frees up your time and energy to be used in other more necessary areas.
  • We offer a hassle-free, professional service, which frees up your time and energy to be used in other more necessary areas.
  • We offer some of the most competitive rates in the market. If you want value-for-money service, then you won’t get anyone better than us in all of Littleton.
For all these reasons and more, we are your best choice for your picture hanging project, no matter how big or small it is and what challenges there might be. Call us at A Handy Man LLC, today and get your walls styled and decorated just the way you want, secure in the knowledge that your pieces are safely installed and positioned to deliver the maximum aesthetic appeal.