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A traditional bidet is a fixture in the bathroom used to clean yourself once you have completed your task on the toilet. The design has been popular in Europe and Middle Eastern countries for hundreds of years.

However, it came back with a vengeance in many more parts of the world when Japan introduced the new space-saving technology: The electronic bidet toilet seat. This allowed a traditional toilet to have a bidet seat installed, in lieu of a regular toilet seat, by just adding a simple connection under the fill valve of the toilet to supply water to the seat.

Since then, bidet seats have gained universal popularity. While Americans have been far behind in adopting this technology, the recent covid-19 lockdowns leading to toilet paper shortage have caused a surge in the popularity of bidet toilet seats in the country.

A Handy Man LLC can help you choose the best bidet seat and Littleton bidet seat installation is one of our specialties.

littleton bidet seat installation

What Are The Advantages Of A Bidet Toilet Seat

You might wonder what you will gain by installing a bidet seat, considering it is more expensive than traditional toilet seats. They do have a lot to offer, here are some of the advantages of installing a bidet seat in your bathroom:
  • It offers superior hygiene: It offers superior hygiene: Contrary to popular belief, experts suggest that washing yourself with water is the more hygienic option compared to using toilet paper.
  • It makes cleaning easier: People with mobility challenges will find a bidet seat much easier to use, needing only to tap easily accessible buttons to get the cleaning started, whereas having to reach and clean with toilet paper (which might be a much more challenging task).
  • Bidet seats are environment-friendly: With water replacing the need for using toilet paper, you will be doing the planet a favor by helping ensure fewer trees are cut down to manufacture toilet paper.
  • Fewer plumbing issues expected: With little to no toilet paper being flushed down the toilet, you can expect to have fewer plumbing issues.
  • Suitable for a number of medical conditions: People with chronic constipation problems, women right after deliveries, and people with other similar medical conditions might find the controlled water spray much better for cleaning than the rough texture of toilet paper.

Common Misconceptions About Bidet Seats

Despite knowing the advantages that bidet seats offer, you may still feel reluctant to consider this to be a good option for your bathroom. The main reason for this is the abundance of misconceptions people have about bidet seats. Here, we address some of the most common misconceptions of bidet seats:
  • Toilet paper cleaning is more hygienic: This is perhaps the most common misconception that people have. However, ask an expert and you will know that this is not the truth. In fact, experts have clearly stated that washing your private parts with water might be more hygienic, and far less abrasive, than using toilet paper.
  • Bidet seats are difficult and uncomfortable to use: Bidet seats are not any different than traditional toilet seats in terms of comfort. In fact, many high-end units come with heated water and heated seats to offer extra comfort. And using bidet seats is not difficult or uncomfortable. It simply involves doing your business and then using the buttons on the remote to choose the washing option you desire. The more expensive the seats get, the more washing options are available. You can typically control things such as water pressure, water and seat temperature, spray type and whether you want water aimed at the front or back.
  • Bidet seats can be messy: People tend to envision water jetting out of the toilet, causing a huge mess in the bathroom. However, bidet seats have varying water pressure options and seat sensors available and are designed to ensure that messy situations do not occur.
  • Bidet seats are expensive: Bidet seats come in a wide range of options and while the very high-end units might be expensive, there are many simpler versions that come at a decent price. In fact, in those cases, you should know that bidet seats will prove to be more economical than all the toilet paper rolls you will buy in a lifetime of cleaning yourself.
  • Bidet seats are for women only: While this too is a popular misconception, it is not rooted in fact. Bidet toilet seats are as relevant for a people.

Why Choose Us For The Littleton Bidet Seat Installation Job

Now that you have clarity on what the advantages of a bidet seat are and what they aren’t, you might finally be considering getting a bidet seat installed in your bathroom.
When buying a bidet seat, be sure to do your research, know the reliable brands, know what you want from your toilet seat, and match it all with your available budget.
And, once you have gotten the toilet seat and it is time for the installation, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are anywhere in or near the Littleton area.
While the bidet toilet seat installation might not be such a complex process, there are several reasons why you should hire us for the job:

  • Quality, expert installation service: We have done our share of bidet seat installations in the Littleton area to know how to get the job done efficiently and effectively. What’s more, we also know that even the most straightforward of installation processes can have unexpected challenges come in the way, and we are more than capable of handling any such problems
  • Prompt service: Toilets are integral components of a well-run household. We know how important it is to get all toilet-related issues managed immediately, which is why we will be there as quickly as possible to get the job done so the family routine is not disrupted.
  • Competitive rates: We have been in the market long enough to know exactly how to get the installation job done at the most competitive rates possible and that’s why we’re so good at what we do.

So if you are considering Littleton bidet seat installation, we are your best choice to get the job done. And, if it is a bathroom upgrade you are planning, then consider getting a bidet seat for the ultimate experience of comfortable luxury.  Contact us today at (720) 436-5675 (text is ok) and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have and will get the job done as soon as possible!