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Do you have a pet? If so, congratulations! Pets are great companions, help lower your blood pressure and become a key part of your family.

However, it’s important to make sure that you create an inviting home for them. This is especially true if you plan on spending any time away from home or sleeping in another room. 

In cases like these it is important to have a doggie door available to allow your four legged friends to do their business when the time comes.

A doggie door is the perfect solution!  A Handy Man LLC, provides Littleton doggie door installs that gives you peace of mind and your pet the relief it needs.

littleton doggie door install

Benefits of a Doggie Door Install

Doggie doors provide excellent freedom to you and your pets and help in eliminating some pet potty accidents indoors.

There are several types of doggie doors such as temporary door inserts that can perfectly fit in the sliding glass door track. These doors are ideal for renters.

Other more permanent doors can be built into existing walls.  These blend nicely into the design of your home and provide a more safe and secure solution.

The significant advantages of a doggie door install includes:


Installing a pet door is very important for the health of your dog. The door gives access to your dog and has the freedom to urinate, which will help prevent urinary tract infections.

Also, if your dog has the freedom to explore the outdoors anytime during the day, it will keep your pet alert and mentally stimulated.

And, if your pets stay outdoors for a prolonged period, they will get a chance to exercise and explore new environments. Fresh air and sunshine will ensure that your dog is healthy.

Pet Behavior

A good pet door helps to ensure that your pet has good behavior. Most pets are afraid to do their business in the house since they know you will be unhappy.

Dogs also have a natural instinct not to foul their living areas, as this could be dangerous for them in the wild.

If there is no available way for them to potty in the house, your pet might be stressed and unhappy. Adding a pet door in your home will ensure that your dog can go outside and relieve itself.


A pet door is convenient in your home and helps your dog leave and enter the house freely. If your schedule is very tight, you don’t have to worry about your pet. The door gives it freedom to explore outdoors, breathe fresh air, and exercise for a while.

How to Prepare for a Doggie Door

  • Measure your dog for a pet door install:  It is imperative to ensure that you know the size of your dog before installing the pet door.
  • Decide if you want to install a temporary or permanent doggie door.
  • If you choose a temporary door, identify your door type:  The doggie door is entirely dependent on your door type. It can help immensely to talk to A Handy Man LLC about your door type to determine the right pet door for you.
  • If you choose a permanent door, choose your desired location.  Doggie doors can be installed almost anywhere, but there may be some locations in your home that will be better than others for the door.
  • Pick your Product-once you identify your door type; you can now pick the right door for your dog.
  • Get your Free Estimate from your Littleton Handy Man:  Our company offers free estimates, and the pricing system is quite transparent with zero hidden fees.

How Much Does A Dog Door Cost?

The price of a doggie door install varies depending on the doggie door you want to be installed: temporary or permanent.  Prices generally range from $150 – $2,000.

DIY Doggy Door Installation Vs. Hiring a Professional

Professional installation is most appropriate if you are looking for a high-end door that will stand up to the conditions. If you are considering DIY doggie door installation, make sure you consider sizing issues for both your dog and door, security issues and material choices.

Why choose us for your Littleton Doggie Door Install

Hiring a professional like A Handy Man LLC for your littleton doggie door install is the best decision to ensure that you use a pet door installer that provides quality and professionalism. With our high-end experience and expertise, you are assured that we will have a door that meets your customized requirements.

Our service delivery is quite streamlined, and we strive to meet 100% customer satisfaction. We offer free price estimates, and our pricing system is entirely transparent with no hidden costs. Our company has the technology to ensure that the craftsmanship process of the doors is distinctive and quite appealing.

If you are looking for a professional who will install durable, sophisticated, and modern doggie doors, give us a call today.   We ensure that we install the best doggie door for your home that is quite efficient for your pet.